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Harvest 2020!

Definitely the 2020 vintage will have given us many surprises!
An advanced departure of the vine, in its vegetative cycle, as early as March foreshadowed an early harvest.
The following months made up for this advance a little… In July we imagined, compared to our data on previous years, harvests around September 28.
But the lack of water, the return of strong heat, have accelerated the maturation process. So we were surprised in mid-August!  All hands-on work: the harvest will start on August 24. A first living memory for the estate.
Pretty reds from the parcels of Aloxe-Corton, Corgoloin and Comblanchien were returned, not having suffered too much from the drought, with degrees approaching 14, and correct yields.
On Ladoix and Corton Hill, the grapes suffered more. Scalding and wilting of the berries will result in a fairly significant loss of harvest, up to 50% on some plots.
On Gevrey Chambertin: a regular harvest, with fairly low but decent yields.
The wines are supple, silky, on the fruit, marked with a beautiful acidity.
The superb whites, with the expected yield, did not suffer from the drought, except on the tops of the Coteau.
Their maturity was still blocked by the lack of water.
The result is grapes that are tucked in between 12.5 and 13.5 degrees.
For them, this year is a classic year for Burgundy! Here too, beautiful acidity that brings a nice freshness in the mouth on the wines.
Thanks to our masked harvesters!!!

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