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June 2020

This year has started on a high note!

Since March, the mild weather has pushed the vines to enter its summer cycle faster.

As of the 18th of April, it already had 5 to 6 leaves spread out… well ahead of a typical year. We are currently on the same evolutions as 2007 and 2011.

  The flowering, which usually takes place in June, went very well, despite the dripping in the chardonnay around May 18. The drip is a well-known physiological phenomenon, it is when the flower has been badly fertilized, and the fruit aborts, and falls: it flows.

In June, the weather is good. Heavy heat is noted at the beginning of the month, which has not slowed down the well-started process of the vine. The freshness of the last few days has allowed us to get up to date.

The vines, for the most part, are paled, trimmed, ready to let the grapes of this 2020 vintage ripen quietly. Some will benefit from a stripping before the cluster closes, which allows aeration at the cluster level, so that moisture does not stagnate inside. This allows the rot not to settle there.

June 12th. The weather is rainy. The vine is at the “pea” stage, which portends a closure of the bunch around June 20-25. The vineyard is currently free of disease, although the pressure Oidium (mushroom of one of the main diseases of the vine) is very strong.

In June, we will have finished our manual work at the vineyard. All that will remain is the ploughing, the pickaxe, and some treatments, before letting it rest in August, to reach maturity, late August or early September. To follow!

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