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Removing suckers

During the confinement, works in the vineyard continue ! The season begins. The vegetation takes place, and the bunches went out.

Grappe en Charlemagne

Grappes en Charlemagne

 In the vineyard, it is the hour of the first treatments renewed all 10 – 14 days, according to the weather and to the pressure of the diseases. Every intervention is carefully thought through.

The small hands, them, are working in the “évasivage” in the local jargon, “épamprage” or “égourmandage” for the general term.

In english : removing suckers !

This technique involves to remove branches which are situated on the vine and which will not be useful for the winter pruning.

This practice is necessary. It allows, among others, to decrease the density of vegetation which would be convenient to the development of the diseases.

Le cep avant évasivage


Le cep après évasivage


And during this time the vegetation continues to grow. The next phase will be the tying-up in June!

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