History of the domain

 L’histoire du domaine

The Chevalier’s Estate, was first created by Emile Dubois in 1850,
and received great awards back in those days from the ”Concours
Agricoles” and the “Exposition Universelle”.


Marcelle Dubois, his daughter, and his Son-in-Law Emile Chevalier inherited the estate just after the First World War and took full responsibility.  Conscientious and meticulous, Emile Chevalier, just after the difficult years of phylloxera crisis, spent years of hard work perfecting the quality of the vines in the farm , and his son Georges, with his paternal experience, took succession and began to enlarge and valorize the Estate, first by establishing the planting of three hectares in Gamay.

Georges Chevalier learned quickly, not only by the love of his work, but with his serious dedication to make remarkable wines. In 1959, he decided to bottle totally all the harvests. The result was that since 1969, all wines sold to his customers were sold in bottles. In 1975, when Claude, son of Georges, joined the family business, he also continued to expand the estate by adding
a further eleven hectares.

Since 1994, Claude, with the influence of his father, has concentrated on the vinification solely, of  ‘Estate Wines’. In 1998, he decided to change certain working methods in the vineyard and, since 2000, to change the vinification methods, (new barrel selection, fermenting time, maturing time
in barrels, filtration etc…) and always with the main objective of constantly improving
the quality of his wines.

 L’histoire du domaine

With all the changes, combined with a constant surveillance of the vineyards, adapted fertilization, maturity control, yield control and so forth, has permitted the Chevalier Estate
to produce and constantly improve the results of their wines. The results are confirmed by the recognition by professional wine tasters in specialist magazines such as Bourgogne Aujourd’hui, Revue Gault et Millau, Revue du Vin de France, Wine Advocate and Decanter etc.

With all this, we can propose today more structured wines, even very pleasant wines in their early youth, which does not prevent you having wines for ageing. Every day, Claude continues to work constantly to improve the quality of his wine in order to always propose for you the best wines possible. And on and after the 2005’s harvest, the estate will add four hectares more including
Aloxe Corton 1er cru and Gevrey Chambertin

Claude Chevalier


With keeping, of course, the spirit of wines from the Chevalier Estate is to respect of our soil so dear to our burgundies heart and to yours.